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Bradford Hill Archive Contents

Various Correspondence

The correspondence consists of three envelopes. The first envelope, entitled: "Silverman Correspondence", contains handwritten letters to, and from, Dr William (Bill) Silverman, plus some leaflets, one from the Balla Wray Nursing Home, where Sir Austin Bradford Hill spent his final years.

Envelope No. 2, entitled: "The Cranberg Papers on Clinical Trials" contains articles and letters relating to Dr Lawrence Cranberg.

The third envelope, entitled: "Miscellaneous" includes several letters, handwritten notes and typewritten pages which lead up to the publication of Bradford Hill’s "Principles of Medical Statistics".

List of Audio Cassette Tapes

There are seven audio cassette tapes contained in the Archive, all have been copied to CD-ROM.

Subject matter, under the heading: "Silverman Correspondence", includes a recording of Hill’s reminiscences of his first randomized trial testing the efficacy of streptomycin in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, in 1946.