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Guidance for lecturers and tutors

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Why send us reading lists?

A lack of reading list material in the library has been identified as a top concern in Cardiff University student surveys.

Sending us your reading lists means we can work to ensure the right resources are available for your students at the right time; supporting their education and enhancing their perception of both the course and the library service.


When do we need the reading lists?

It is important that we have them in good time.  Our aim is to have recommended texts available for start of semester.  Ideally you would provide them at least two months before the semester commences.  

Please send them to your reading list contact librarian, if possible electronically.  Please also inform us if your reading lists have not changed this academic year.  


What helps us?

Please advise us of the number of students per module and whether a title is either:

  • Essential reading, or
  • Background reading


What can we do for you?

We may be able to:

  • Help identify potential reading list material
  • Suggest replacements (such as new editions) for items no longer available

Within copyright and licensing constraints, we can:

  • Create live links (providing links directly from your reading list to the library catalogue or full text article) or advise you on how to do this yourself
  • Scan articles or chapters for access directly from Learning Central, or include in a photocopy collection

We can help

Please let your reading list contact librarian know if you would like any assistance.