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Connecting to wireless - information for students

Once your device has been registered, you will be able to connect to eduroam.  

You should only need to register and configure your device once. You will then able to connect to eduroam automatically across the University. However, please note that if you change your password, you will need to re-configure your device using this process.


Connecting to the wireless network if you live in University Residences

If you live in University Residences and have registered your mobile device from your room using 'eduroam-setup', your device should automatically connect to eduroam across the University.

Connecting to the wireless network on campus

If you haven't already connected your device using 'eduroam-setup' in University Residences, you should use the 'eduroam-setup' option on campus to configure your device for the eduroam wireless network:

  • Look for the 'eduroam-setup' option in your list of available wireless networks. 'eduroam-setup' provides a simple and quick way to configure your device for eduroam
  • Once you have selected the 'eduroam-setup' option, you will be redirected to a web browser where instructions will be displayed on what to do next
  • 'eduroam-setup' will automatically configure the device and then connect it to eduroam once the process has been completed successfully


If you are unable to see the 'eduroam-setup' option, please refer to our guidance and troubleshooting web pages.


Help and advice

You can visit any of the following locations for help with connecting to the wireless network:

The IT Clinic in the Students' Union

The Julian Hodge Study Centre

Any University library


See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information


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