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Connecting to wireless - information for staff

'CU-Wireless' configures your mobile device to access the eduroam wireless network across the University campuses and Residences. 

Connecting to the wireless network on campus

  • Select the 'CU-Wireless' option in your list of available wireless networks. 
  • Open a browser (some devices will automatically do this for you), and select the 'configure my device' option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 'CU-Wireless' will automatically configure the device and connect it to eduroam once the process has been completed successfully.


If you are unable to see the 'CU-Wireless' option, please refer to our guidance and troubleshooting web pages.


Help and advice

You can visit any of the following locations for help with connecting to the wireless network:

The IT Clinic in the Students' Union

The Julian Hodge Study Centre

Any University library


See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information