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Technical FAQs


How fast is a RESLAN connection?

Network points in study bedrooms are 10Mbit/sec Ethernet.


Can I use wireless in my University residence?

Wireless networking is available in University Residences. Please see the wireless service web pages for further information.


Which computer works best with RESLAN?

For ease of connection purposes, we recommend Microsoft-supported Windows Operating Systems, Apple-supported Mac Operating Systems, and some Linux-based systems will also work with Cardiff Campus Manager.

If you have any of these systems on your computer - and provided it is fully licensed, has Cardiff University-supported anti-virus software installed and is free of viruses - then you should be able to connect very quickly to the network.


I have a computer running an old operating system, will I be able to connect?

If you have Windows 95, 98, ME, NT Windows 2000, XP, or Apple Operating Systems prior to 10.6, then you will not be able to connect your PC to the network. This is because these systems are no longer receiving security updates, therefore they would pose a security risk not only to your own system but also to those of other users of the network. 

How do I check if my computer is free of viruses?

Before your computer will be allowed on to the Cardiff network, it will be scanned for the latest security updates and anti-virus software.

If, at any time, your computer is found to be infected with a virus, it will be your responsibility to take it away and get it cleaned; Information Services staff will not be able to do this for you but The IT Shop offers a quick and reliable (chargeable) service. You will not be able to connect to RESLAN until your computer is virus-free.

If you wish to do this yourself, you should be aware that the best way to clean your system of viruses is to re-install the operating system (first making sure you have backed up any important data/files/movies/music etc). Simply cleaning a virus using an anti-virus program may well result in future problems as you will not know what damage may already have been caused by the virus.


What will I need to do to setup my computer?

The RESLAN network utilises a system called Cardiff Campus Manager to provide access to the Internet.

In order to connect to RESLAN via Cardiff Campus Manager you must use the provided green network cable. Once in your Residence room - switch on your computer and, after about a minute or so, launch an Internet browser and try to access an external website (for example, or

You should then be taken through the registration process.

As part of this registration process, your computer will be scanned for the following:

  • A licensed, supported operating system
  • The latest security fixes for your operating system
  • An up-to-date, approved anti-virus program

If your machine fails any part of this scan, it will be placed in a ‘quarantine’ area. This quarantine area will restrict your Internet access so that you will only be permitted access to security and anti-virus update sites. From here you MUST rectify any identified problems (for example, by downloading anti-virus software) before you can complete registration.

Once your system has been registered, you will be required to log-in with your Cardiff University Network Username and Password. If you are a new student, you will already have been made aware of these details, as part of the online enrolment process. If, for any reason, you have not received these details, you should contact the enrolment team by ringing 029 2087 6211.
If you have forgotten your password, please visit either any Cardiff University library or Information Services 41 Park Place and ask for it to be reset - remember to take your University ID card with you, so that this can be done.

If you encounter any problems viewing the Cardiff Campus Manager system, please see the troubleshooting guide in the first instance.


Why is RESLAN behind a firewall?

The firewall protects systems from malicious hacking attempts and enables our users to safely further their academic studies. Because of the necessary security settings on the firewall, however, we cannot guarantee that all the applications you have been using at home will work from your room.


Can I connect more than one computer in my room?

You can register up to five computers for use within your room. However, only one computer can be used at a time. The use of equipment that offers an onward connection to other devices, for example, a router, is strictly prohibited.


Can I check my computer to see if will work on RESLAN?

Yes. You can test your computer using the Campus Manager Online Test This will test your computer using the same criteria as if you were connecting on campus.