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General FAQs

What is RESLAN?

RESLAN stands for Residences' Local Area Network, and is a high-speed Ethernet connection to the Campus network.

The RESLAN service is provided as a study aid and is managed by the Information Services Directorate (INSRV) of Cardiff University.

Can I use a wireless device in my Residence?

Wireless networking is available in University Residences (except for Student Houses and Flats). Find out more about the wireless network.


iPhones, iPads, Smartphone and PDA Use

Wireless networking is available in University Residences (except for Student Houses and Flats). If you register your laptop from your room, it will automatically be registered for the wireless service. Should you wish to register a mobile device (such as an iPhone, iPad etc), you will need to visit the Julian Hodge Study Centre.


What are the rules governing the use of RESLAN?

By connecting to RESLAN, you are agreeing to comply with the rules as laid down by JANET and the Information Services regulations.

Can RESLAN be accessed from every University study bedroom?

Every Residences study bedroom (except for Student Houses/Flats) now has a Cardiff University network point.

How much does a RESLAN connection cost?

There is no separate charge for a RESLAN connection in Cardiff University residences as this charge is included within the residences fee.

For occupants residing in Trust properties a  payment to Residences finance is required before the RESLAN can be enabled.  If you live in Camarthen or Pembroke House please contact  Resi-Finance or phone (02920) 874662. Please allow 24 hours for your network to be enabled after payment has been received.

Do I have to provide my own computer?

Yes, a PC with a compatible Operating System, typically Microsoft supported Windows Operating Systems, Apple supported Mac Operating Systems, or a Linux/BSD based distribution.

Will I need to buy a cable?

No, you will not need to buy a cable. We have found in previous years that students have very often bought the wrong cable (usually intended for dial-up systems, not Ethernet connection) or else a cable which has not worked very well with the Cardiff University network. For this reason Information Services will be providing the free loan of network cables to all students - it will be in your room when you arrive. The cable should be returned at the end of your stay in a Cardiff University residence.

What other equipment will I need?

You will need to make sure you have a UTP Ethernet card. Most computers come with a card already fitted — check at the back or side of your PC to see if you have a slot that looks very similar to a telephone outlet, but slightly bigger.
If you don't already have a card, you can buy one in any computer store, for example The IT Shop. If you have a laptop, you will need a USB Ethernet card.

My computer is not in English, will I still be able to connect?

Yes, you will still be able to connect. Cardiff Campus Manager should work with all languages.