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Connecting to the Network from NHS Locations


Access to the University network is available by attaching to the All Wales Citrix Service using your University username and password.

The All Wales Citrix Service is accessed remotely depending on your location:

  • all NHS Wales hospital libraries have dedicated WYSE terminals that connect directly to this service and are available for use.
  • if you are logged in to your local NHS Health Board account (ie. inside your local NHS Health Board firewall), connect to Citrix using the web address:

NB Your local computing network administrator will need to register your PC for this to work.

Citrix will allow you to log-in securely to the Cardiff University network and access the available services.

Citrix makes some ‘networked’ applications available; these versions may differ from those available from Cardiff University networked computers.  The performance of these applications will depend on the type and speed of your internet connection.

Using the All Wales Citrix Service

Log-in to Citrix

Once logged in double click the “Launch Desktop” icon to initiate a desktop environment with access to applications.

Once the desktop has loaded, you will see the Novell-delivered Applications launcher.

The applications are grouped into folders. Click on any folder to access the contents.

Access to your network file space (H: drive) is available from within applications, such as Word or Excel.