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Access to the Network for Students on Placement

Cardiff University undergraduate health students spend much of their time on placement in the various district general hospitals throughout Wales and require access to networked University information resources, email services, the Internet and an office productivity suite. 

The All Wales Citrix Service meets the requirements of students who are on placement in NHS locations throughout Wales. This service won the UCISA Award for Excellence in 2004.


Services Available

The following services are available on the All Wales Citrix Service:

  • Network storage (H drive)
  • Internet — Internet Explorer providing journal access
  • Email — Accessed via Internet Explorer
  • MS Office 2010 Applications — Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access
  • Accessories — Windows Explorer, Acrobat Reader, NotePad
  • Bibliography — Endnote
  • Graphical — Paint Shop Pro
  • Statistical — SPSS

Please note that some versions of applications may be different to those available on Cardiff University networked computers.

Please be aware that the University reserves the right to change the services listed above if the need arises.


Where and how to connect:


Conditions of Use

All users of the University's campus network must read and agree to comply with the University regulations and the Joint Academic Network Acceptable Use Policy (JANET AUP). The JANET AUP is important because all Internet traffic flows via JANET.

Users must also comply with the University's Electronic Information Protection (Security) Policy.

Any user found to be breaching regulations will be subject to the Student Disciplinary Code.

Subject to the requirements of current legislation, the University routinely monitors network traffic to assure the continued integrity and security of the University’s systems.

In accordance with the RIP Act 2000, the University may routinely monitor information systems to assure the continued integrity and security of the University's systems and users' compliance with the law. Disclosure of the content of messages and other data will only be undertaken with the specific authorisation of the Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, on the evidence of good cause.


Help and Support

If you are using a Wyse terminal in a District General Hospital library you may find the answer to your query in the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For All-Wales Citrix service queries please contact insrvConnect - the Information Services service desk.