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All Wales CITRIX Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common queries about using the Wyse terminals in District General Hospital Libraries:

Where is the on/off switch?

There are two types of terminal currently in use, the switches are in different places! The older type of all-in-one terminal has the on off switch on the front, centrally below the screen. The newer type of terminal is bolted on to the back of a standard monitor, so the button on the front is for the monitor only. The terminal button is found by looking over the top of the monitor where you will see the terminal  attached to the back of it. The button faces upwards towards you.

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After I switch on the terminal it displays a page with the message: "The page cannot be displayed"

The terminal cannot find the network or cannot get a connection to the outside world. Ensure that the cables are plugged in properly. Check with the local Health Board IT department if you still cannot get a connection.

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When I log in the message: "The connection was rejected. The SSL certificate is not yet valid" is displayed

The terminal cannot find the correct time and date. Report the fault to the Service Desk.

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After I log in I get errors when applications are downloaded. Some applications may fail or crash

Log a call with the Service Desk. The problem is at the server end.

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I am left handed and would like to change the mouse settings

Please note that it is only possible to change the mouse settings on the older all-in-one terminals. Press Ctrl-Alt-End, click on the Control Panel button. Double click on the mouse icon. When you have changed the settings, exit the control panel and click on the connect button to continue.

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I have finished working but the terminal won’t respond or shut down

Press the power button on the terminal! The terminal will shut down normally after a ten second delay (you are given the opportunity to cancel). The server will detect that you are no longer connected and log you out. See above for the location of the power button on the different types of terminal.

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I have sent work to the printer but the printer fails to print

Check that the switch box has the correct button depressed. Terminals are normally attached to a USB switch box. There are up to four buttons on a switch box, check that the button corresponding to your terminal is selected. Also, check all cables and check that the printer is switched on. Note that if you sent a job to the printer without first selecting the correct button on the switch box, you may have to resend the print job or even restart the terminal.

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The terminal won’t switch on

Terminals are powered by a small transformer which plugs into the underside of the terminal. Check all connections to it and that the mains supply is on. On the older all-in-one terminals, the power supply box is a separate unit sitting on the desk. With the newer terminals the power supply is mounted next to the terminal and is attached to the back of the monitor. If all else fails log a call with the Service Desk.

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There are no programs on the start button

There shouldn’t be! All applications are accessed from the application launcher in the middle of the screen. If you cannot see it, check that it is not minimised at the bottom of the screen.

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The mouse has become detached and I can’t find where to plug it in

The mouse plugs into the right hand side of the keyboard.

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Can I use a floppy disc, USB stick or CD/DVD ROM with the terminals?

No. There are no drives or storage facilities with the terminals. This is by arrangement with the various NHS Health Boards to protect their networks. Save all work to your network drive (H drive).