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Password Check

A strong password helps to keep your data and information secure. The password strength testing tool on this page will allow you to test new passwords, and check that they are strong enough before you actually use them. Just enter your proposed new password into the "password" field below, and a "score" will be generated, ranging from 0% to 100%.

By using a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols, you can create a password that is easy for you to remember, but more difficult for anyone else to guess.

Your password does not need to score exactly 100%, but aim for as high a score as you can. The score will change as you type (or change) each character.

If you untick the "Hide" check-box, you will be able to see your password on screen - but please ensure that no-one else can read your screen!

This web page does not record or store passwords. JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser for this page to work.

Please note that you cannot change any of your passwords on this page. If you wish to change your network password now then please use the Password Management Service page.

Find out more about choosing a password on the Information Services website

Test Your Password Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum 8 characters in length
  • Contains 3/4 of the following items:
    - Uppercase Letters
    - Lowercase Letters
    - Numbers
    - Symbols
Too Short
Additions Type Rate Count Bonus
Number of Characters Flat +(n*4)
Uppercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Lowercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Numbers Cond +(n*4)
Symbols Flat +(n*6)
Middle Numbers or Symbols Flat +(n*2)
Requirements Flat +(n*2)
Letters Only Flat -n
Numbers Only Flat -n
Repeat Characters (Case Insensitive) Comp -
Consecutive Uppercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Lowercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Numbers Flat -(n*2)
Sequential Letters (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Numbers (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Symbols (3+) Flat -(n*3)
    Exceptional: Exceeds minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Sufficient: Meets minimum standards. Additional bonuses are applied.
    Warning: Advisory against employing bad practices. Overall score is reduced.
    Failure: Does not meet the minimum standards. Overall score is reduced.
Quick Footnotes
Flat: Rates that add/remove in non-changing increments.
Incr: Rates that add/remove in adjusting increments.
Cond: Rates that add/remove depending on additional factors.
Comp: Rates that are too complex to summarize. See source code for details.
n: Refers to the total number of occurrences.
len: Refers to the total password length.
• Additional bonus scores are given for increased character variety.
• Final score is a cumulative result of all bonuses minus deductions.
• Final score is capped with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100.
• Score and Complexity ratings are not conditional on meeting minimum requirements.

This page is based on The Password Meter by Jeff Todnem