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Stay Safe Online


Going online is an every day activity for most of us. However, we don’t always realize that we are exposing ourselves to risks when we work online. These risks include attacks on your PC, invasions of privacy and identity fraud.

With an awareness of the risks and how to overcome them, use of appropriate software tools and some common sense, you can enjoy the many benefits of working and socializing online with peace of mind.

Information Services provides the following advice and guidance for you – whether you’re a student or member of staff –  to enable you to be aware of the risks and the steps you can take to work and socialize safely online.

If you have any queries please contact insrvConnect - the INSRV IT Service Desk.

Protect your personal information

Security: Protect yourself from identity fraud

Privacy: protect yourself online

Tips on using Facebook

Defend your PC from Viruses

Protect yourself from Phishing

Choose a good password

Check your password strength

Did you know?

Current UK Law applies to your use of the Internet. This includes, but isn’t restricted to:

Defamation Act 1996 – so be careful what you say about other people: do not make remarks which could be considered defamatory.

Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988 –  for example, it is illegal to run a peer-to-peer server for the purpose of sharing music, films/movies and television programmes without the copyright holder’s consent. It is also illegal to share computer programmes outside the suppliers licence terms and conditions in this way.

If you’re using Cardiff University IT facilities to access these sites, your usage is governed by University IT Regulations.

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