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Communicating online: email policies and regulations


Cardiff University does not monitor or read the email of users as a matter of course. However, Cardiff University reserves the right to examine mail messages without authorisation from sender or recipient where there is reason to suspect a breach of Regulations, or on user request where there are reasonable grounds to do so.

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act and / or the Freedom of Information Act, emails may be released as part of a subject access request.

Official email addresses

Each School and unit in Cardiff University has an official email address. This is used for email that is addressed to that School or unit rather than to an individual member of staff. This ensures that if an individual member of staff is absent, the School / unit can deal with email.

While this is clearly not appropriate for all external email - for example, where there is only one person who can deal with the query - departments are strongly advised to use this email address for general departmental contact with the outside world.

Staff who deal with mail of this sort are encouraged to use the "Reply To" feature of their email software to ensure that replies go to the departmental address rather than the individual member of staff.

Staff absence

Staff are expected to make arrangements for their email to be read while they are away from Cardiff University, in the same way as they would make arrangements for their mail on paper.

In cases where unexpected absence makes it impossible for the individual staff member to make suitable arrangements insrvConnect should be contacted to set up forwarding or other arrangements, as appropriate, by the Head of School.

Under no circumstances should schools / units ask staff to reveal their passwords to facilitate the reading of email sent to a personal email address.

For further advice or in case of difficulty, contact insrvConnect, the INSRV IT Service Desk: