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Cardiff University Telephone System

Telephone exchanges
The University's central telephone system consists of four Siemens Communication HiPath private branch exchanges (PABX).  In addition to this, remote shelves are deployed at several University buildings across each site. Approximately 6000 extensions are connected via a University-owned cable distribution network consisting of fibre optic links and multi-core cables.

Each HiPath exchange is operated centrally, including its system management, configuration and call logging facilities, despite the fact that its components are distributed over an area several kilometres wide. System features are available to all University extensions and are regulated by class-of-service parameters. See Telephone Functions.

The switchboard consists of three ACWin operator terminals and these work stations are connected to the University's directory database via a sealed LAN to allow fast and accurate call handling.
The main University Switchboard telephone number is 029 208 74000 and can be reached internally by dialling '0'. All University extension numbers consist of five digits. Extensions beginning with a 7 can be accessed directly by dialling 0292087XXXX. Heath Park University extensions beginning with 87 or 88 can be accessed directly by dialling 02920687XXX or 02920688XXX.

Emergency calls
The internal emergency telephone number is 999 which should be dialled when emergency services are required. University operators will answer 999 calls immediately, connect to the emergency services without delay and instigate appropriate internal emergency procedures.

Public network links

150 trunk lines provide access to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) and 18 channels provide outgoing calls to mobile phone services via a GSM Gateway. Incoming calls to the switchboard and DDI extensions are carried by BT (90 incoming trunk lines) and outgoing calls are carried by Virgin Media.

Local links
The Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust telephone system can be connected to from University extensions via a voice channel link by dialling '65' followed by the five digit extension number required i.e. dial 65XXXXX.
To access University extensions from the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust telephone system dial '01798' followed by the five digit extension number required.

Telecommunication contacts:
Andrew Taylor (Service and Operations Team Manager - Telecommunications and Switchboard Services)
Sally Bevan (Administrative Support)
Tel: 029 208 74487