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Filtering Spam Into a Separate Email Folder

Unsolicited email, (Spam) is an increasing problem on the Internet. The email filtering software used at Cardiff adds the word 'spam' to the Subject line of suspected spam email.You can use this feature set up a suitable filter to send any email marked 'spam' into a separate email folder. 

This page contains instructions for setting up a spam filter for:




  1. Select File, New, Folder
  2. Select Personal folder and click Next
  3. Enter a name for your folder, for example, SpamCatcher.
  4. Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to position your folder where you want it.
  5. Click Next then Finish.
  6. SelectTools, Rules
  7. Click New
  8. Enter a name for your rule, for example, Move spam
  9. Leave New Item and Received selected and tick the box beside Mail
  10. Click the Add Action button and select Move To Folder. Put a tick in the box beside the folder you created and click Move.
  11. Click the Add Action button and select Stop Rule Processing
  12. Click the Define Conditions button
  13. In the pulldown menu, select Subject
  14. Click on the button with [ ] and change it to |->
  15. In the empty text box write {spam}
  16. Click OK then Save.
  17. Click on the name of the rule that you just created and drag it to the top of the rules then let go.
  18. Click Close

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