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Network printing, scanning and photocopying

How to use myPrint (network printing) at the Cathays Campus, Heath Park Campus and Hospital Library sites.

Adding credit to your myPrint account

To print from a computer in an Information Services IT room you will need to have credit on your myPrint account.

You can check your current balance and also add credit to your myPrint account either online or at a Pay Station. 

Using myPrint online

You can add credit to your account using a credit or debit card via the secure online myPrint system. Log in to your myPrint account at

Please see the myPrint guide (under this page's 'Related Resources') for further details.

You can view the debit and credit history for your myPrint account by clicking on the Transaction History details on the navigation menu.  This valuable feature can be used to trace payments and track your usage on the printing and photocopying system.

Please do not add more credit to your account than you ultimately anticipate using as you will not be able to reclaim unused credit.


Pay Stations

There are Pay Stations at the following locations:

  • Arts and Social Studies Library
  • Bute Library
  • Science Library
  • Julian Hodge Study Centre
  • Health Library
  • Trevithick Building, Reception

The Pay Stations will accept £1 and £2 coins and £5, £10 and £20 notes. Please do not add more credit to your account than you ultimately anticipate using as you will not be able to reclaim unused credit.

To credit your account, follow the instructions on the screen of the Pay Station. Ask staff if you need assistance.

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Printing and scanning

All printing is A4 black & white double-sided by default. Select Print Properties to change the default settings (e.g. colour, single-sided, A3) before sending your job to print. 

When you print a document, your print job will be sent to the FOLLOW-ME print queue. Prints are stored awaiting collection for up to 4 hours before being deleted. To collect your printing, go to your chosen location. There are printer/copiers at all Libraries and IT Rooms on the Heath and Cathays campuses.

Your document will fail to print if you do not have enough credit on your account to cover the whole cost of the print job. You can check your account balance by positioning the cursor over the myPrint icon on the System Tray. 

Please take notice of pop-up messages on your screen. 

Collecting your printing from a printer/copier

Your myPrint account will be debited once the print job has been printed - if you do not collect your print job within 4 hours, you will not be charged. 

To collect your printing you must log in to a printer/copier. There are two ways to log in to a printer/copier:

  • Swipe your Cardiff University ID card. 
  • Enter your myPrint username and password.

We recommend the swipe method. Once you have collected your printing, please ensure you log out of the printer/copier.

First time users must associate their ID card to their myPrint account at the printer/copier: please ask staff for help.  

Please note: scanning to email is free of charge.

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Wireless Printing - print from your laptop or PC

The webPrint wireless printing service enables users of the networked chargeable printing service to send print jobs from their laptop or PC to printers in different locations across the University.

To access the service, just log in to myPrint with your myPrint username and password, select the webPrint option and upload your document. You will then need to visit a printer/copier to download your work. Printer/copiers are located at all libraries on the Heath and Cathays campuses plus the following locations:

  • Archie Cochrane Library, Llandough
  • Glamorgan IT Room
  • Graduate Centre
  • Julian Hodge Study Centre
  • The Lounge, Student Union (Rm. 3.30)
  • Talybont

Print jobs must be retrieved from the printer/copier within 4 hours, they will be auto-deleted after this time. Please note that webPrint is not currently available on smartphones or tablet devices.

Please see the Wireless Printing guide (under this page's 'Related Resources') for further details.

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Make sure that no one else can access your filespace or use your myPrint account.

  • Do not disclose your password to anyone.
  • Always log out from the PC and printer/copier.

The University Library Service cannot be held responsible if you fail to log out and another student uses your credit.

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Black and white printers

A4 - 6p per sheet (duplex 10p per sheet)
A3 - 8p per sheet (duplex 13p per sheet)

Colour printers

A4 - 20p per sheet (duplex 32p per sheet)
A3 - 40p per sheet (duplex 64p per sheet)

Microform readers

A4 - 12p per sheet
A3 - 25p per sheet

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