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Image Library

The Media Resources Centre has a Slide Library, illustrating signs of clinical conditions, that has been compiled over a period of more than 40 years. It is organised according to the World Health Organisation Classification of Diseases.

In December 1998 clinical photographs were no longer produced on film and the Slide Library was closed to new acquisitions.

However, from 1999 to 2003 the principle of the Slide Library was continued in the form of a digital Image Library database. During those five years we collected over 35,000 images, referenced with metadata relating to the provisional diagnosis and its location on the body.

Who can use it?

Pictures from the Image Library are available for use by clinicians, nursing staff and members of the professions allied to medicine, providing they are for legitimate Cardiff and Vale University Health Board or Cardiff University purposes and that their use has been sanctioned, in writing, by the requester's Head of Department.

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What can it be used for?

The Image Library's primary purpose is as a resource for teaching and learning. It is made up of images where patients have specifically given their consent for this purpose and images that pre-date consenting procedures. If images have been considered for teaching or if they pre-date the consenting process, they may be shown to professional healthcare audiences, either in a talk or as illustrations in a scientific poster. If images pre-dating consent are to be shown to a lay audience, for the purposes of medical education, users are asked to be mindful of confidentiality issues and, where possible, only use images that do not reveal patient identity.

Where images are required for other purposes, for instance publication in a book or journal, it will be necessary to seek the permission of the original requesting consultant, or if that is not possible, the current Head of the Department responsible for the original request. It will also be necessary to seek the patient's permission, unless they specifically gave their signed consent to publication at the time of the original request.

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How to use the Image Library

Those wishing to search the Image Library should make an appointment with our Photography Co-ordinator on Tel: 029 2074 4601. The cataloguing systems will be explained and borrowers shown the selection procedure. A form must be completed, detailing what images have been selected and what they are to be used for. This form must be signed by the user and countersigned by their Head of Department before the images will be released.

The images will be scanned to a resolution appropriate to the specified use and given to the user on a CD. Original clinical images will not be released to borrowers.

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Who owns copyright?

The Copyright of all clinical images is held by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and cannot be assigned to publishers, a point that should be made clear in any contract where clinical images are to be published.