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The University IT Programme

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The University IT programme delivers centralised IT support for all Cardiff University staff and students, providing the backbone of the University's research, learning and teaching, and engagement programmes.

Supporting over 40,000 users, enabling the day-to-day operation of the University as an institution is key to Information Services and the University IT programme. 

Delivering technology change in a relevant and beneficial way means that our IT continues to meet the evolving needs of students, researchers and staff, and the strategic aims of the University.

Key areas of the University IT programme are described below...


Information Systems

University IT provides and supports over 200 key University systems and software applications, covering learning and teaching, library, and student information systems. These include the Student Information Management System (SIMS), an institution-wide database, which enables online enrolment and access to application information and key contacts. 

Additionally, University IT manages BusinessObjects Online, a reporting tool which provides pre-written reports to allow staff to see data from various University databases.

The University administration systems including Finance (Arian) and HR / Payroll (Cardiff People), are also supported, together with website and portal development.


IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure enables the day-to-day working of the University, ensuring the continuation of the high-speed network and global Internet connectivity, as well as protecting the University through management of network security and virus protection, email and filestore.

This area also covers software and hardware support, access management, website support and hosting, and applications available via University-managed workstations.

Did you know…

...networked services are supplied to over 200 University buildings?

...Cardiff University has the largest wireless network in UK Higher Education, with over 1,100 access points?


Engagement and support

User engagement is key to University IT, with dedicated consultants liaising with Schools and Directorates, managing requirements from different users and analysing the University's business requirements.

Providing IT training and certification, and supporting projects aligned to the strategic needs of the University, University IT also manages the Service Desk, providing help and advice to all University users.