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Help for Research Centres and Institutes

We provide library services, central IT services and Media Resources Centre to support the University's research, learning, teaching and administration. 

Members of the University, including research centre staff employed by the University, are entitled to help and support. Other Research Centre and Institute staff may also be entitled to support. Please contact the IT Service Desk for advice.


For help and support, please contact:

  • for queries regarding central IT services the first point of contact is the IT Service Desk - email or ring extension 74487
  • the relevant Library/Subject Librarian for your discipline(s)
  • the Media Resources Centre

Schools also have designated Local Computing Representatives (LCR) who work with dedicated contacts, so centre managers will need to liaise with their schools to establish who the contact is, and to work through the school manager and LCR with regards to IT support. Each school also has its own Library Representative.

 IT services

In most cases, we provide centrally-delivered IT services only. It will be extremely important therefore to agree early on with your stakeholder schools how to manage the local IT support needs of the centre, particularly if it is located at a physical distance from the schools.

The University IT Service delivers and supports collaboration and communication software for the University, which makes it easier for groups to collaborate, network and share information and documents, even when they are in different schools and/or locations. The University intranet is your gateway to your electronic resources, IT services, University announcements and much more.

 Library services

We provide library services to the University based on needs discussed with school-based library representatives. So it is important to agree early on with your stakeholder schools on how your needs will be represented.

Subject Librarians are available to help you - they are experts in the library services and resources in each academic field, and are based in or close to the appropriate site library. If you work in an interdisciplinary field, you may need to access several experts in the different fields. Please contact a relevant Subject Librarian to discuss your needs further and we will be pleased to help.

Bookable rooms in site libraries are available to help you to meet with colleagues, in various locations conveniently close to stakeholder academic schools.

 Research grant applications and setting up a research centre/institute

When developing a research bid (e.g. to set up a new research centre) which is likely to place significant new demands on centrally-provided IT, library and media services, please first discuss your needs with your Local Computing Representative (LCR) or School Library Representative and then with the University IT and or Library Services, at an early stage and before the formulation of detailed proposals. Please see Help With Research Bids for more information.