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Contacts for help with research

Researching in the library

Help with IT

General enquiries

If you have a general IT enquiry, please contact insrvConnect, INSRV's IT Service Desk, which provides convenient and effective help and advice on all aspects of computing at Cardiff University. If you believe that the equipment or software is provided by your School or Division, please first ask your local technician.

Help within your School

Each academic School has a Local Computing Representative (LCR). The LCR is a member of that School who acts as a formal link between the School and Information Services on IT matters. 

Your LCR should be your first point of contact for IT matters relating to your School or School equipment. Your LCR should also be able to put you in touch with any technicians based in your School.

Help at a School level

You are welcome to contact Dr Chris Dickson, Senior Consultant for Research and Environmental Development. 

  • His role is to engage with the University's researchers, schools and research centres, to bring them together with the IT and information services they need to enable their research, particularly at a school or strategic level
  • You are also encouraged to contact him if you are planning a grant application with significant new IT needs.

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Help with library services and resources

Subject Librarians are here to help you.  Examples of how they can help are:

  • literature searching for grant applications and research reviews within a project;
  • advice on keeping up to date in a subject area using current awareness services;
  • managing your references, including use of EndNote;
  • measuring research impact via citation reports and finding Impact Factors for journals;
  • identifying and ordering books and other material to support your research.

You are also welcome to contact Kate Bradbury, Senior Consultant for Research Support from the library.  

  • Her role is to co-ordinate library services for researchers, so she may be able to help you directly or put you in touch with the person you need 
  • You are also encouraged to contact Kate or your Subject Librarian if you are planning a grant application with significant new library needs. Contact Kate by email or on ext.70294 (Cathays Campus).

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Help with research bids

In support of the University's research, INSRV's standard, ongoing services are largely included in the University's Indirect Costs Rate in fEC (full economic costing).

However, when developing a research bid which has significant new demands for IT, Library and Media Services, please first discuss your needs with your School IT support staff or library representative, and then with INSRV, at an early stage and before the formulation of detailed proposals. This enables INSRV to: 

  • offer you advice on how you can take advantage of existing services and systems
  • plan its resources to support the research and to estimate additional costs and check feasibility, where appropriate. 

In this way, we seek to ensure the best quality supporting environment for your research bids and for the research itself. 

The Principal Investigator is invited to contact either:

  • IT: Dr Chris Dickson, Senior Consultant for Research and Environmental Development
  • Library: the relevant Subject Librarian or Kate Bradbury, Senior Consultant for Research Support
  • Media Resources: Mr Paul Crompton, Director of Media Resources Centre

Information Services will respond as soon as possible, but this will depend on the complexity of the requirements and the availability of staff. The Principal Investigator is asked to contact Information Services as early as possible to enable us to respond in good time.