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Training and Advice


Training sessions are available to all members of staff. Sessions can either cover a specific topic or provide a comprehensive overview of the facilities within a room and how best to use them.

Items covered can include:

  • Operation of the touchscreen and other control system
  • Use of the projector
  • Use of SmartBoard and Visualiser hardware
  • Best practice when using the computer
  • Connection of laptops and other devices
  • How to request support during a lecture

To arrange a training session, please contact the IT Service Desk

Sympodium and Smart Boards

Several pool rooms have been upgraded to include touch sensitive Sympodium monitors and smart board software to allow PowerPoint slides to be annotated during a lecture. A comprehensive introduction to this technology is available from the Media Resources Centre . Please contact Sue Crosby ( for further details.


If you have not used a pool room before or would like advice on specific details of audio visual technology, please contact the IT Service Desk.