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Microsoft Excel 2013: Building Effective Worksheets and Workbooks Workbooks

Following on from the core topics for new users covered in Microsoft Excel: Core Skills, this advanced course offers training for users of Microsoft Excel wanting to develop their skills further to start make use of the more complex built-in functionality offered by this application.  The internal functionality of Microsoft Excel hasn't changed across recent versions of this application so this course would be suitable for existing users of Microsoft Excel who have already learnt the basics of processing worksheet data regardless of the version of Microsoft Excel used.

Topics Covered

This course is suitable for anyone needing to create calculations in worksheets and effectively analyse data held on both single worksheets as well as within multiple worksheet workbooks.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • build effective calculations to address cells directly but also to use named ranges.
  • use advanced built-in functionality
    • to make decisions based on your data using the IF function.
    • analyse and total data using conditional logic.
    • lookup data held in a workbook as part of a formula using conditional logic.
  • apply advanced formatting, creating custom formats and using cell styles to standardise formatting throughout a workbook.
  • work with tabular data to filter and sort lists, create subtotals and grand totals, group data to help manage long lists of data.


You must be familiar with the Microsoft Excel interface and have an understanding of how data is stored in a tabular worksheet format. To get the most out of this course you should also have practical experience of creating and formatting spreadsheets and so it is advisable to have either attended the Microsoft Excel : Core Skills course or already be using Microsoft Excel so that you have the basic prerequisite knowledge required from your current experience of using this application.

Course Duration

1 day - length of course 6 hours.


£95 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University.

£125 for non-profit making organisations, e.g. other universities, charities, and government bodies, including Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

£150 for commercial organisations (profit-making) wishing to book anyone onto this course.