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Microsoft Word 2013: Advanced Formatting Techniques

For anyone already using Microsoft Word, this course highlights functionality incorporated into the word-processor that allows you to easily work with multiple page documents.  Most people use the simple formatting and manual editing that is appropriate for small documents, like letters and simple reports, for much larger documents but by doing so make it difficult for themselves and others who may have to edit such documents in the future.

Automated tools incorporated into Microsoft Word 2010 allow standardised documents to be created and whilst these tools can be used on all types of documents they are particularly designed to maintain control over the layout and formatting of larger, structured documents.

Topics Covered

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • track changes made to documents by yourself and others
  • utilise styles to standardise formatting within your documents
  • include suitable headers, footers and page numbers into documents and sections of a document
  • produce cross references within your document
  • create reference lists, e.g. a table of contents, automatically from a structured document
  • combine multiple sub-documents into a master document to simplify the creation of very large documents, e.g. long reports consisting of many sections


You must be familiar with the day-to-day use of Microsoft Word and be able to create and format everyday documents. It is advisable that you have attended the Microsoft Word: Creating and Updating Everyday Documents course to ensure you have this required knowledge but with word-processing being such a common task for most people nowadays, basic use of an up-to-date version of Microsoft Word will be an everyday task for many.

Course Duration

1 day - length of course 6 hours.


£95 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University.

£125 for non-profit making organisations, e.g. other universities, charities, and government bodies, including Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

£150 for commercial organisations (profit-making) wishing to book anyone onto this course.