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Introduction to Statistical Analysis Using SPSS 20

SPSS 20 is the latest supported versions of this powerful statistical application package that is particularly useful for the analysis of questionnaire data allowing it to be used to analyse data from various disciplines.  SPSS 20 is available for use on Windows 7 imaged workstations around campus but is also available for download (for use on either Windows or Apple Mac computers) by staff and students of Cardiff University for teaching and studying, or for academic research in support of teaching and studying.

Topics Covered

This two-session introductory level course will cover the basic analysis functions provided by the Windows version of SPSS 20.

By the end of this course you will:

  • be able to prepare and enter data into SPSS
  • understand how SPSS uses statistical procedures such as Frequencies, Crosstabulation, Pearson ChiSquare, Compare Means, Independent Samples T-test, Mann-Whitney Test and Correlation
  • be able to transform and recode data
  • understand how to create and edit pivot tables
  • know how to use SPSS to work with graphs
  • understand how to import data from external sources, e.g. Excel worksheets and Access database tables


A basic knowledge of statistics is essential to understand the functionality of the SPSS application. You must also have a working knowledge of Windows; especially use of the mouse and to a lesser extent the keyboard.

Course Duration

2 x half-day (3 hours) sessions - length of course 6 hours.

Cost of Course

£95 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University

Please note that due to software licensing restrictions this course is only available to staff and students of Cardiff University and we are unable to take bookings from anyone not associated with the University as covered by the University site licence.