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Rhythmyx: Creating Folders and Navigation for Your Web Pages

Rhythmyx is the Cardiff University content management system (CMS) used for publishing materials on the university web site. Allowing you to focus on the content, production of web pages is simplified and no longer requires an in-depth knowledge of HTML tags to format the page. Coming from the Uniweb Project led by PRCOM Rhythmyx is now used by many schools and divisions for production of their public web pages.

Topics Covered

This two-hour session introduces experienced users of Rhythmyx to the concepts of the the left-hand navigation areas of web pages on the University web site.  Looking at how folders are used to create the navigational structure and then how Navon content items are used to implement the navigation this short session will give you the knowledge to add structure to your web site.

This knowledge will be quite specific to those people who need to provide a structure to a site and is not something that everyone will require to be able to update the web content on their web site.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • create folders to provide a structure to your web site
  • edit Navon content items to define navigation for your web site


You must have experience of using Rhythmyx to edit content of web pages.  It is advisable that you have already attended the Rhythmyx: Creating and Updating Web Content and Rhythmyx: Adding Further Content to Your Web Pages courses but relevant experience may have been gained from practical use of the CMS.  You must have the authority as well as the rights to create folders and define structure for your departmental web site to put the content of this session into practice.

Course Duration

Short session - 2 hours (no breaks are taken during short sessions).

Cost of Course

£30 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University

Please note that this course is only applicable for members of Cardiff University who are required to publish information using Rhythmyx, the University CMS system.  Due to the internal nature of the materials covered, bookings from anyone not associated with the university will not be accepted for any Rhythmyx courses.