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Using Dreamweaver with Cardiff University Templates

This introductory course is aimed specifically at anyone required by their school or division to use DreamWeaver to update and maintain web content.  Using an experienced web designer to present material in a face-to-face training environment insrvEducation has facilitated this small group workshop aimed very specifically at anyone currently using DreamWeaver to work with web content stored on the Cardiff University web site. This course is NOT suitable for anyone who maintains web pages using Rhythmyx, it is only suitable for schools and divisions where DreamWeaver is used to update web content.

By limiting numbers (minimum: 4, maximum: 8 attendees) you will have plenty of time to explore your use of DreamWeaver during the day.  Even if you have not used DreamWeaver before, by the end of the course you will become familiar with the interface and be able to work seamlessly with Cardiff University templates.

Topics Covered

By the end of the course you will have a basic understanding of how to use Dreamweaver to set up and manage a web site, edit and modify web pages, organize files and assets and upload a web site.

  • Using Dreamweaver CS3 to set up a web site:
    • Getting started with CS3
    • The CS3 interface
    • Understanding site control
    • The basics of document setup
    • Linking internally and externally
    • CSS basics
    • Typography
    • Using tables
    • Layout
  • Maintain an existing web site using templates
    • Using templates
    • Using library items
    • Inserting images
    • Inserting media
    • Accessibility
    • create, edit and modify web pages on your server
  • Upload your web site onto the Cardiff University servers
    • Getting your site online
    • Site reports
    • Checking links
    • Updating and publishing pages
  • Organizing files and assets
    • Understanding how your site is structured
    • Keeping your files organized


Whilst no experience of using DreamWeaver is required, anyone attending this course will be assumed to have a knowledge of using the web with standard browsers like Internet Explorer and will also have an understanding of the type of content they are required to publish on behalf of their school of division.

This workshop has been facilitated for people needing to use DreamWeaver and therefore you must be authorised to publish content on the Cardiff University web site using DreamWeaver otherwise you will not be able to put what you learn into practice.

Course Duration

One day workshop.


£175 for members of Cardiff University who are required to maintain university web content using DreamWeaver.

Please note: due to the nature and content of this course only bookings received from within Cardiff University will be processed.  Confirmation will be required that you currently use DreamWeaver, rather than Rhythmyx, to update and maintain web content for your school or division.

External bookings are not applicable to this course.