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Microsoft Access 2013: Working with Information in Your Database

Aligned with day 2 of the Microsoft Access: Comprehensive course, this session offers training for anyone anyone needing to extract subsets of information either from a single table or from a set of related tables held in a database. As this session covers only one stage of database use, extracting information from existing tables, you may find the three-day comprehensive course offering a complete overview of all components of Microsoft Access a better option for your needs than simply booking onto individual day sessions.

Topics Covered

The real power of a computer based database is the ability to easily and quickly extract relevant subsets of information held in database tables through the use of search criteria.

This one-day course follows on from the Microsoft Access: Designing and Creating Your Database course showing how information stored in a table, or a set of related tables, can be filtered and how queries can be constructed and used to extract relevant records of information as well as summarise information held in database tables.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • design and create filters and queries to extract subsets of data and summary information from one or more tables
  • perform calculations and automated updates to information


You must be familiar with the Microsoft Access interface and have an understanding of how information is stored in tables.  To get the most out of this course you should also have practical experience of creating related database tables. It is advisable attend the Microsoft Access: Designing and Creating Your Database course prior to booking onto this course but if you are already using Microsoft Access you may find that you have the necessary prerequisite knowledge from your current experience.

Course Duration

1 day - length of course 6 hours.


£95 for members of staff and students of Cardiff University.

£125 for non-profit making organisations, e.g. other universities, charities, and government bodies, including Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

£150 for commercial organisations (profit-making) wishing to book anyone onto this course.

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