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The Official Cephalonian Method Page

Don't just present it...Ceph it!

What exactly is the Cephalonian Method and how did it develop?

This is an engaging and versatile method for presenting to both large and small groups.  It facilitates audience participation and through its colour-coded structure provides an element of surprise and spontaneity.  It is suitable for many types of presentations from the classroom to the conference hall.

It can be easily adapted according to local preferences and requirements.  It has been used in conjunction with clickers technology, presented in the form of a US quiz show and used to enliven traditional library tours.

The method was developed for a library orientation session at Cardiff University by Linda Davies and Nigel Morgan based on an idea from the tourist trade on a certain Greek island. 

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Are there any useful articles?

The following explain how to create your own Cephalonian presentations:

Morgan, N. and Davies, L. 2004. Innovative induction: introducing the Cephalonian Method. SCONUL Focus 32, pp. 4-8.

Morgan, N. and Davies, L. 2008. How Cephalonia can conquer the world (or at the very least your students!). In: Cook, D. and Sittler, R. eds. Practical pedagogy for library instructors. Chicago: ACRL, pp. 20-29.


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Who else is using the Cephalonian Method?

The method has been used throughout the United Kingdom.  It has been showcased at international conferences and is proving successful in Europe, North America and Australasia.

"It engages them in a way that a straight presentation cannot."
Peter Godwin, Academic Liaison Librarian, University of Befordshire

"An amusing way to liven up orientations and sneak in lots of information without students realizing they are being informed. Fun to create and fun to do."
Susan Cooperstein, Loyola Notre Dame Library, Maryland USA 


We would be delighted to hear how you have used the method.

Cephalonian Method contact:

Mr Nigel Morgan

Telephone: 029 2087 6605