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Microsoft Office Specialist

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Microsoft Office Specialist, the premier Microsoft desktop certification, is a globally recognized standard for demonstrating desktop skills in each of the Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook).

In the on-line tests, which take the form of a task-based computer simulation, you will be required to work through a series of specific scenarios and perform the task outlined within an allocated time. For example, in the Microsoft Word examination you may be asked to format a document as two equal columns - whilst in the Microsoft Excel exam you may be asked to hide or freeze a column of data.

Passing the test for a specific application allows you to demonstrate that you possess the necessary product knowledge to efficiently make use of the features that particular application provides.

Individual qualifications for Microsoft Word and Excel can be taken at two different levels, Core and Expert. The other applications test a broad knowledge and are regarded as general qualifications.  Individual qualifications, Word and Excel at Expert level along with PowerPoint and either Access or Outlook, can be combined to create a Master qualification consisting of a pass in each of four different applications.

How do I prepare ?

Many of the courses detailed in this booklet address the content of the syllabus set out for each individual application and if you need to acquire knowledge in certain areas, or even top-up your existing knowledge then our courses may be a suitable source of preparation for the Microsoft Office Specialist tests.

However, the simulations used in the testing process require you to have a very practical knowledge and so it is recommended that you spend adequate time preparing by using any skills learnt on a course in real day-to-day situations before attempting these tests.

The Microsoft Office Specialist tests are considerably harder to pass than the corresponding ECDL tests as they specifically test your ability to use a Microsoft application rather than the general skills testing used by the ECDL.