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Diagnostics to Check Your Knowledge

To check your understanding of the topics covered by the syllabus of an ECDL unit, use the diagnostics as a "pre-test" prior to taking your "invigilated test".  Doing so will help you gauge if you are ready for the invigilated test that, of course, counts towards your certification but a diagnostic could save you the cost of a resit if it highlights that you aren't ready yet as well as also saving the time it takes to come in to do an invigilated test with us.

Your allocation of diagnostic tests is listed alongside the courseware available to you when you are logged into the ThirdForce Central hosted server.

Thirdforce hosted server home screen

Ideally you should score around 80% upwards in a diagnostic before you attempt an invigilated test in the same unit.  If you score lower than this we would recommend you review the topics of the module again before coming in for an invigilated test.  However, due to the way ThirdForce Central works we can only allocate a single diagnostic test per unit so if you use your allocated diagnostic and require another attempt please contact with your BCS ID number letting us know what test you need so you can have another go.  

How do I take a diagnostic test ?

Diagnostic tests, like the ECDL courseware, are there for you to use at any time convenient to you.  We do not ask candidates to attend advertised testing sessions to take a diagnostic, instead advertised testing sessions are scheduled specifically for anyone wanting to take an invigilated test (as these must be administered in an examination environment).  So, when you are ready to do your pre-test you can use open-access workstations provided around the University campus but please note that diagnostic tests only work on Windows PCs using with Internet Explorer with additional browser addins installed.  If you are using one of our open-access XP workstations please run the application:

Start > Networked Applications > General Software > Internet, Web & Email > Plugins > ECDL Authorware

before starting a diagnostic to make sure the open-access workstation is set up correctly.

If you still see the "Missing Authorware Web Player" message, you will need to click on the yellow bar and choose "Run ActiveX Control".

ECDL Run Active X control
You will be prompted for a security code before the diagnostic runs.  Security codes change daily so please refer to the insrvEducation blog for today's code.