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ECDL @ Cardiff University

Registration for the ECDL with the Cardiff University test centre is open to all staff and students of Cardiff University as well as to external contacts.

Refer to our price list for the costs of this qualification and once registered you will be supplied with ...

Access to Online Training Materials to Help You Prepare

We do not offer classroom based training for ECDL but instead use online training materials focused specifically to the 7 units of the current ECDL syllabus for you to work through at your own pace.  Access to these materials requires the ID and password supplied to you when you registered and we recommend the use of Internet Explorer when using these material as some parts of the materials require installed software components that are specific to the Internet Explorer web browser application and therefore will not work with other browsers.

Practice Tests to Check Your Knowledge

In addition to training materials, registration also provides you with practice tests (often referred to as diagnostic tests or simply diagnostics) that help you gauge your knowledge before taking the decision to sit an invigilated test.  Diagnostics can be used on our open-access workstations but as with the training materials they can also be run on your own computer.  Diagnostics require an interactive testing environment to be setup on your computer to work correctly and for this reason diagnostics can only be used with Internet Explorer.  Please note that each diagnostic can only be used once but if you are not happy with your score and wish to try again simply let us know and we can allocate another for the unit you require.

Invigilated Tests to Obtain Your Qualification

Once you are satisfied with your knowledge in a particular unit, an invigilated test can be taken by attending one of our advertised testing sessions.  We use online testing software in our invigilated sessions so you get immediate feedback, as to whether you have passed or failed, on completion of your test.

If you have studied the training materials and achieved a score of around 80% on the diagnostic for a unit we find that most people will pass an invigilated test.  However, in the event of a failure, a resit can be booked but please note that this cannot be taken on the same day as a failed test in the same unit (this is, of course, a sensible regulation set to prevent you rushing back into another test and failing again).  It may also be sensible to retake a diagnostic prior to a resit although this is not always necessary, particularly in the event of a borderline failure.

It should be noted that ECDL is designed as a generic qualification that is not affiliated to any particular IT provider but training materials must, by their very nature, address practical elements of the syllabus through use of actual software applications.  Please note, therefore, that our materials assume the use of Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer when demonstrating actual use of software applications.

Good luck with your preparation.