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Finding out about Europe

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Guides to European information sources


European Sources Online

European Sources Online (ESO) is a free access electronic information service that focuses specifically on Europe, published by the Cardiff EDC.

ESO allows you to find easily and efficiently the widest and most up-to-date range of information sources about Europe, which have been selected by experts in the field. Sources include official EU documentation, information from international organisations, national governments, think tanks, research organisations and professional associations, textbooks and journals, and key news sources.

Information Guides compiled by the ESO Editorial Team provide expert and up-to-date introductions to the institutions and policies of the European Union and the countries of Europe.

Further information about European Sources Online


Europe on the Internet

Europe on the Internet presents a selection of the most useful web sites for information about the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries of Europe and key European issues.


Европа в Интернет [Bălgarski]
Ewrop ar y We [Cymraeg]
Europa im Internet [Deutsch]
Η Ευρώπη στο Διαδίκτυο [Ellīniká]
Europa en Internet [Español]
l’Europe sur Internet [Français]
Europa na Internetu [Hrvatski]
l'Europa su Internet [Italiano]
Európa az interneten [Magyar]
Europa w Internecie [Polski]
Europa na Internet [Português]
Европа в Интернете [Russky]
Eurooppa Internetissä [Suomi]
Europa på Internet [Svenska]


Developments in the Archiving of EU Information

This presentation highlights initiatives by the European Union and others to offer long-term electronic access to EU publications and documents, the history of European integration and wider European culture.


Searching for European Information

A selection of web sites and databases that can be used to search for information about the European Union and the wider Europe.



EU Information and Communication Developments

An annual overview of the main developments in EU information and communication issues.


Europe in the World

The European Union's policies have an impact on, and are impacted upon by, the wider world - foreign and security policy, trade policy, enlargement policy, environmental and energy policies, development assistance and humanitarian aid, etc. This presentation highlights some of the key sources that can be used to find information in these areas.


The Role of the UK in EU Law

This presentation aims to show how the United Kingdom plays an integral part in the creation, adoption and implementation of European Union law.


The BREXIT Debate

Should Britain stay in the European Union? This short presentation highlights sources of information on the debate.

BREXIT Debate [1.8 Mb]



Climate Action Budget Reform Treaty of Lisbon Financial and Economic Crisis





Cardiff EDC Infosheets

A series of brief information guides, based on common enquiries received by the European Documentation Centre. Each guide includes links to web sites which provide information on the topic.





European Union publications

The Cardiff EDC receives a wide range of EU publications. Users may consult these in the Centre, or we can help you find electronic copies for downloading. To trace these publications you can use European Sources Online, or visit the Easy Reading Corner section of the European Commission's web site.

We also hold a selection of titles for you to take away free of charge - click on the links below for further details. Click on the thumbnail image to download the pdf version from the EU Bookshop. Most titles are available in all the official EU languages. Selected publications are also available in Welsh - for details see our Wales and Europe page.

Teachers wishing to obtain multiple copies for use in the classroom can take advantage of our bulk orders service. Please contact us for details.



Recent titles


How the European Union works: your guide to the EU institutions
Publication year: 2012
Catalogue number: NA-32-12-336-EN-C





Your Europe, your rights: a practical guide for citizens and businesses on their rights and opportunities in the EU’s single market
Publication year: 2012
Catalogue number: KM-32-12-120-EN-C



Recent titles for children


Would you drink your wastewater? A water brochure for young people
Publication year: 2012
Catalogue number: KH-30-11-368-EN-C