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Web Directories for Physiotherapy

Intute: Health and Life Sciences - Medicine
Gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources.
Formerly known as OMNI (Organising Medical Networked Information)

Intute: Health and Life Sciences - Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health
Gateway to evaluated, quality internet resources in the fields of allied health, nursing and midwifery.
This service was formerly known as NMAP.

Intute: Health and Life Sciences
A collection of gateways, which provide access to evaluated, quality Internet resources in the health and life sciences, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners.
This service was formerly known as BIOME.

Health of Wales Information Service. Official gateway to information regarding NHS Wales organisations on the Internet.

NHS Evidence Health Information Resources
Formerly the National Library for Health, NHSEHIR is a national web based information library resource for the NHS and the UK public. Aims to provide access to a range of high quality information resources to support better patient care. 
N.B. access to certain databases via these pages is restricted to use by NHS staff based in England only.

PEDro - The Physiotherapy Evidence database
Database of randomised controlled trials in physiotherapy. It covers most English language trails and systematic reviews with some trials also rated for quality. There is also a useful tutorial on how to identify reliable trials and links to other Evidence-Based Practice web sites.

A searchable directory of physiotherapy courses, jobs; general information on physiotherapy practices/schools and associations; a physiotherapy library with links to Medline, PubMed, MedHunt, and PEDro: physiotherapy news, links to physiotherapy books and a chatroom.