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You Said - We Did!

Two students talking in the park

In spring 2011, Information Services (INSRV) carried out a Survey of Taught Students.  Around 1000 students responded, providing us with some extremely positive feedback on our services:  85% of you think that we offer a good or very good service.  

High levels of satisfaction were noted with individual study spaces, IT applications, email services, and online enrolment.  In particular, satisfaction with email has improved considerably since we last did a survey in 2008.

Some new services which we have introduced are also proving popular, including Cardiff Portal, the Virtual Librarian service and the wireless network registration in University Residences.  

Several priorities from previous surveys have now been addressed and no longer appear as issues: access to information resources from outside Cardiff University, the ability to search across multiple databases at the same time, to return books to any library, and self-service borrowing.

Thank you to all the students who completed the survey this year and provided such valuable feedback.

You asked us to take a look at the following areas for improving our services:

Speech bubble with the text: "The quality and standard of computer provision" 

The overall quality and standard of our computer provision

  • We are providing additional power sockets for laptops in the libraries, and will continue to review this to try and maximise the number of power sockets available.
  • We've upgraded all the computers in the Julian Hodge Building this summer.
  • We will be increasing the amount of file-space available on your account on the University network by up to a factor of 10 in 2011/12.
  • Additional computers will be provided in the new Health Library on the Heath Campus when this opens in autumn 2011. See the Health Library blog for the latest information on the new Health Library.
  • We have implemented a mobile application which will help you to find an available computer in our various IT rooms on campus.
  • We've streamlined the wireless registration procedures this summer. Remember that you can log on to the University network from anywhere on campus once you have registered.

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Speech bubble with the text: "Improved library collections" 

Our library collections

  • We've received a 4.4% increase on our Library information resources budget for 2011/12 and will be working with the University to identify further areas for investment.
  • We've taken out a subscription to the JSTOR 3 arts and humanities eJournals package.  See our eLibrary and click on eJournal Provider to see the list of titles.
  • We'll be trialling some new services for eBooks this year.

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Speech bubble with the text "Provision of better individual and group study spaces" 

Provision of better individual and group study spaces

  • We will develop a plan for improving our study spaces across the libraries.

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 Reduced printing and copying costs

Speech bubble with the text: "Reduced printing and copying costs"
  • We are also reviewing any savings we could pass on through encouraging more environmentally-friendly printing (such as double-sided printing).
  • We'll be rolling out wireless printing (from laptops and from off-campus) from January 2012.

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Access to electronic books and journals

Speech bubble with the text: "Easier access to electronic books and journals"
  • We've made some improvements to the Voyager library catalogue, which should make it clearer how you can access electronic resources. We've also improved the SFX button to make it clearer where the full electronic text is, and isn't available.
  • We've removed the need for PIN numbers when you log in to your Voyager account – you can now do this with your username and password.
  • We are launching a set of short video clips on how to access electronic information resources. View the videos.
  • We are reviewing our training for information literacy to ensure that this meets your needs.
  • We will be testing a new 'single search' service for accessing electronic resources in autumn 2011.

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Speech bubble with the text: "Improved interfaces for Learning Central and Cardiff Portal" 

Improve the interfaces for Learning Central and Cardiff Portal

  • We are launching a mobile application for Learning Central in autumn 2011.
  •  We will review the issues raised to try to improve navigation of these systems. We have developed a Study tab in the Portal which will bring together all your resources for study in one place.

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Speech bubble with the text "mobile access to services" 

Develop mobile access to service

  • We are launching a Cardiff University Mobile app which will deliver increasing numbers of our services through mobiles. This offers access to essential information about services; and will be developed to include additional features, such as timetables, over the year. We are also launching a mobile application for Learning Central in autumn 2011.

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 Increased opening hours

Speech bubble with the text: "Increased opening hours"
  • We will be continuing with our extended opening hours in the library in Semester 2 this year. 

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Speech bubble with the text "Improved level of customer care" 

Improve the level of our customer care

  • We are rolling out a new Customer Care policy, action plan and training for all Information Services staff. 
  • We will prioritise the requirement to provide a consistently positive experience in all of our Sites.

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Speech bubble with the text "Communication"  

Improve the way in which we communicate with you

We've launched a new Facebook page to improve our communication.

We've launched a new Library Twitter account so that you can keep up with our news. You can follow us to stay up to date.  

We are rolling out the Virtual Librarian chat service, which can provide you with support in using electronic journals (and help with any other library or information questions you have). See the library web pages for access to the service.

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