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More sustainable Media Resources

The Media Resources Centre is contributing to the University's sustainability agenda in a variety of ways.

Digital Photography

The Media Resources Centre has made a major reduction in paper, space and harmful chemicals due to the move to digital photography and printing/proofing.

Digital Video

Since 2010, the Video Unit has moved completely to tapeless cameras, eliminating the need to purchase, store and dispose of tape media. Over 60% of our projects are now delivered via electronic upload/download, which reduces the need to purchase, burn and deliver optical disc media; saving cost, time, consumables and CO2 all at the same time.

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More Environmentally-Friendly Printing

All externally sourced lithographic printing uses vegetable/mineral based inks on request (solvent free). All external and internal lithographic (printing press) and digital printing is on paper from sustainably managed woodland, and also available on recycled paper on request.


Batteries and toner cartridges are also recycled wherever possible.