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StorC Project - the Greener File Storage Calculator

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The StorC project, part-funded by JISC, provides an easy, interactive online tool which models the environmental and financial savings of different scenarios of tiered file storage. 

Cardiff University has launched the StorC (Storage Calculator) project as a follow-on to its internationally-leading project Planet Filestore, also part-funded by JISC. The web-based modelling tool allows IT managers, engineers and decision makers to calculate the energy and financial savings they could derive from introducing tiered storage technology.

StorC will help other organisations that are thinking about implementing a Planet Filestore-type solution. For example, an institution with 100TB central filestore could save 87,600kWh of energy (approximately 51 tonnes of carbon dioxide) per year. At current prices, this would result in savings of around £10,000 per annum. 

Planet Filestore investigated solutions for greener, more sustainable and more cost effective data storage using dynamic storage tiering. This involves identifying those files which are used less frequently, and automatically moving them onto lower-cost, greener storage. 

This technique can easily transfer to file storage systems in a range of organisations across the world, including higher education, further education and commercial organisations. 

The aim of StorC is to make it as easy as possible for such organisations to see how much carbon, energy and money they could save by implementing the approach used in Planet Filestore. The tool, which works on a number of platforms including smart phones and other mobile devices, has been made available via the UK Access Management Federation, allowing users to save their work and return to it at a later date. 

StorC, which began in February 2011, is a rapid innovation project in JISC's Greening ICT Programme. 

The StorC calculator is now available - see how much energy and money you could save! 

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