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Planet Filestore

Planet Filestore is an internationally-leading JISC-funded project, which has identified solutions for greener, more sustainable and more cost effective data storage. 

During the project, we used a system which automatically identifies inactive files, and then moves them into green storage, which typically uses lower power high-density disks. The project has intentionally used techniques and technologies that will easily transfer to a wide range of corporate systems across the world, including those in education, research, public bodies and commercial companies. 

 The overall objectives of this project have been:

  • To use storage more effectively by implementing a low energy dynamic file storage management system:
    • Managing the migration of unstructured data based on required availability level
    • Monitoring storage capacity to reduce energy requirements
  • To produce a set of measurements that demonstrates the energy savings to be made versus migration policy
  • To undertake an economic assessment of the system.

The pilot project, which is part of JISC's Greening ICT programme, was completed in December 2010.

This filestore project is part of the University's dynamic programme of minimising the environmental impact of its IT and information services, including the  multiple award-nominated ARCCA datacentre, and locally-developed PC power management software. For more information on our sustainability initiatives, please see the web pages for More Sustainable Information Services.


For further information on Planet Filestore, please 

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