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Membership Categories and Entitlements

The IT and Library Membership Categories and Entitlements (MCE) Group, manages the IT and Library entitlements of members of Cardiff University, and associated users of our services?

To date, 98 separate user groups of our services have been recognised, and new ones are still being identified.

The group has existed since 2005, and has undertaken detailed, meticulous work to:

  • Identify and define user categories in relation to both Library and IT services provided by the University;
  • Relate those categories, where applicable, to University Statutes;
  • Define the levels of IT and Library service entitlements for each category, in line with University and IT and Library services regulations and legally binding license obligations relating to eResources and software;
  • Define what disciplinary codes, rules, and mitigation measures are in place in the event of members misusing our services.

The IT and Library Membership Categories and Entitlements group makes recommendations to the University MCE group.


Information for students

Information for staff

Information for Honorary Title Holders

Information for other users