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Information Services Regulations and Acceptable Use

Information Services Regulations

In the absence of the Director of Information Services, authority for the following regulation and policy documents will be discharged through the respective Director.

Anything regarding Information Technology will be the responsibility of the Director of University IT. Anything regarding the University Library Service will be the responsibility of the Director of University Libraries.

The content includes:

These regulations are subject to regular review.

University IT Regulations

These policies set out the high level framework to protect the University from risks arising from the use of any IT equipment that is connected to the University's network, whether or not such equipment was maintained by Information Services or even owned by the University. 

University IT regulations and policies

The content includes:

  • University IT Regulations
  • University Acceptable Use Policy
  • University IT Security Policy
  • Guidelines on Personal Use of Cardiff University IT Systems

Supporting policies and guidelines

The regulations are supplemented by the following policies and guidelines:

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