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About Us

Information Services is all about people!   

...The people in Information Services itself, and there are nearly 500 of us.

...And the people we set out to help every day and there are over 40,000 of you!

We provide services, support and facilities to all Schools and Directorates, potentially every single person in the University, and to the local community and beyond. In fact the whole purpose of Information Services is to help and enable the entire University community to more readily achieve its goals.

Information Services seeks to enable dramatic gains in the ability of Cardiff University to achieve a leading international position. Our new futures programme in particular will deliver significant development of the University Library Service towards a 21st Century hybrid model - see our Transforming Libraries web page; it will implement an entirely new IT environment for all staff and students - see the University IT Programme for more information.

This together with providing day-to-day IT, library and media services to the entire University is no small task. But it is one that we are passionate about delivering.

We like to be accessible and accountable, positive and forward-thinking, and open to you, our customers. We aim to embrace challenges, to continually improve and to excel. Explore the Information Services website to find out more about what we can do for you.