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St David's Day event feedback


Taking inspiration from what is said to have been St David's last message – to 'do the little things', the University Libraries asked students, researchers and staff to visit their library and let us know the little things Cardiff University libraries could do to make a big difference.

The libraries held activities and exhibitions with a Welsh theme, and encouraged all their visitors to complete feedback about their library experiences, or to post a tweet with the day's hashtag.

We'd like to thank everyone who provided comments and feedback on the day. We received a range of feedback across our libraries, but there were some common comments across all sites.

The most frequently shared comments were about:


Customer care: "Really helpful, friendly staff, very knowledgeable" 

Customer care

A new customer care policy for Information Services is in place, which details what you can expect from our staff, and how you can help us to accomplish this.

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Facilities: "More group study rooms" "Self-pay terminals for fines would be good" "More comfortable chairs and study desks" 


All of the feedback we’ve received about the library facilities will inform our premises plan; for example, three new group study rooms were made available in Senghennydd Library following your feedback. Your comments help us to prioritise the ideas and suggestions for improvement.

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PCs and IT: "More computers and sockets" "Better wireless" 

PCs and IT

There is an ongoing programme to develop the wireless access across campus. Recent improvements to existing access points have resulted in a stronger signal, and this work is ongoing.

Increasing the number of power sockets is covered in the premises plans for each library, but we are aware that this requirement is increasing.

To make it easier to register your own device to access the wireless network, you can now register at any of the libraries, or online. The find a PC tool enables you to locate your nearest free open access PC on campus.

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Collections: "More copies of crucial books" 


There has been additional investment in eBooks to make more online copies of key texts available on demand; where there is a specific request for additional copies or titles, Subject Librarians are addressing these.

An online book and journal recommendation form is now live - please complete this form if there is a title that you think your library should stock.

The Customer Care standard states that all books returned to the libraries will be replaced on the shelves within 24 hours. Please ask a member of staff if you’re unable locate the material you need.

You can avoid overdue fines by renewing your books online, and can also return them to any Cardiff University library (apart from four-hour loans).

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Environment: "Better heating" "More control over noise would be good" 


All comments on the library environment has been fed into the premises plans.

Where noise is sometimes a factor, library staff will be enforcing the different zones in the library to ensure the quiet areas remain quiet. If you are experiencing problems with concentrating due to the noise, please speak to a Librarian who will address this discreetly.

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Opening hours: "Better weekend opening times" "Make the library 24-hour" 

Opening hours

We aim to maximise our opening times, especially during exam times. This year, Information Services sites are open longer during exam periods, with 24 hour opening available in the Arts and Social Studies and Health libraries.

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Food and drink 

Food and drink

The food and drink policy in the libraries is currently under review – we are looking to make this policy more consistent across all the sites. Watch this space for more information!

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Printing and copying: "I find printing from my own laptop very difficult" "The printing system can be frustrating to use" 

Printing and copying

Support with printing is available in all the libraries. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any issues or problems with charges. All feedback is passed on to the supplier to help improve the service.

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Fines: "Cheaper library fines" 


Find out more about library fines and how to avoid them on the Information Services website. 

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The libraries run two feedback events per year to help gather your comments and ideas about the library service at Cardiff. Keep an eye on the Information Services website, and your library's Twitter feed to find out when the next event is and to have the opportunity to make your voice heard.