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Complaint Form

This complaint form may be completed to request that your concerns be reviewed by a Complaints Manager.

The review will be carried out in accordance with the Information Services Complaints Procedure.

The form must be submitted within 28 days of the incident taking place, unless there is a valid reason why this has not been possible.

Complainants may wish to consult the University regulations for information and guidelines in relation to our code of best practice.


Section A: Person Details

Staff or Student ID Number


Section B: Details of Complaint

Please explain your concerns clearly and include the following information:

  • a full explanation of your concerns;
  • a description of your discussion with an appropriate member of staff;
  • why you feel that your concerns have not been addressed.


Section C: Details of Initial Response

Before concerns are reviewed by the complaint manager, they should have been considered by a relevant member of staff. If available, please provide details regarding the member of staff who provided the initial response to your concerns.


Post Title



Date Raised


Section D: Requested Outcome

Please state what would be your preferred outcome (e.g. an apology, a return of overpaid fees):


Section E: Submitting your Complaint Form

Please retain any relevant supporting documentation which may assist the Complaints Manager to investigate your concerns fully. This could include the following:

  • Evidence or other documentation which supports your concerns
  • Emails or other correspondence in which you have already raised your concerns with an appropriate member of staff (if applicable)
  • The response from that member of staff (if applicable)

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