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Cardiff's 3D Books are a first for Wales

7 January 2011

New Turning the Pages software

Using the same pioneering technology as the British Library it is now possible to see digitised rare books in 3D in Cardiff's Arts and Social Studies Library.

As part of a Wolfson Foundation grant to the University Library Service, Special Collections and Archives (SCOLAR) has purchased two 40" touchscreen kiosks and the Turning The Pages (TTP) software to show in full colour, in 3 Dimension, and larger than life, some of its oldest and rarest documents.

The TTP touchscreens allow readers to 'touch' pages of the digitised rare books. Users can turn the pages in real-life 3D mode, zoom-in, magnify images, and admire some of the magnificently illustrated books and manuscripts in our collections - which are rarely seen by any but the most serious researchers.

Some of the works which can be read on our TTP touchscreens include a 14th century music manuscript, a 15th century illustrated history text, a 16th century Bible, a 17th century atlas, and an 18th century Shakespeare edition with 300 year old handwritten notes included.

This ground-breaking technology, used in Cardiff for the first time ever in Wales, enables the whole University community to discover the fascinating historical research collections in the University Libraries. 

The technology was publicly presented for the first time ever in Wales at an exhibition for the Heritage Minister, at the National Assembly of Wales, and a mobile version will now tour Wales showcasing the University’s exceptionally rich historical research resources.

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