Y Lab

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Building better public services in Wales.

Y Lab (Welsh for “The Lab”) is the Public Services Innovation Lab for Wales, a new partnership between Cardiff University and Nesta. Cardiff University social scientists and Nesta’s innovation experts will support innovation and experiments across Welsh public services.

Informing new approaches

The need for innovation and high-quality, responsive evidence to inform the development and adoption of new approaches to delivering public services in Wales has never been more acute. Financial and demographic challenges mean that the pace and scale of public service reform needs to increase. However, innovation in public services remains rare and there is still often no evidence about whether or not new services have worked and should be replicated elsewhere.

Supporting networks

Y Lab works with public services organisations in Wales to build innovation and research capacity through supporting new collaborative networks to co-produce and test solutions to major societal challenges. Through this collaborative approach, Y Lab will support public services in Wales on a highly responsive basis to promote and exemplify public services innovation and efficiency – as well as contributing internationally to the knowledge base.

Y Lab