Compound Semiconductor Centre

Technician wearing mask looking at a blue and yellow semiconductor wafer

Creating 21st century technologies.

The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC), a for-profit joint venture between Cardiff University and IQE plc, is Europe's new home for next generation compound semiconductor (CS) technologies.

CS technology drives everything from smartphones and tablets to satellite communications and GPS, transforming lives and business. CSC will turn research into products, services and skills that power the economy in Wales and beyond.

The creation of CSC is also a critical step towards accessing European funding to create a UK CS cluster; the European Commission has identified CS as one of the key enabling technologies for economic growth across Europe.

Exploiting CS expertise in Wales, CSC will work alongside a new home for translational research – the Institute for Compound Semiconductors (ICS) – to bridge the gap from early research to full-scale industrial production.

Compound Semiconductor Centre