We continuously review and improve the services we offer to support learning and teaching excellence in the University.

The following initiatives are in place to benefit our staff and students.

Continuing professional development

We offer a range of learning and teaching focused Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for our staff.

Curriculum design and learning technology support

We provide central support for curriculum design, learning technology, and media technology production.

Education innovation fund

We provide funding opportunities for our staff to develop learning and teaching projects every year.

Learning and teaching events

We host a number of staff events throughout the year to develop learning and teaching networks. 

Learning Hub

A virtual space supporting continual enhancement of the student learning experience.

Coming in 2016/17

Innovation space

From summer 2017 we will offer a flexible space to provide staff with the opportunity for experimentation and innovation in teaching methods.

This space will include up-to-date learning technologies and innovative classroom furniture and will be supported by the core-CEI team to provide the inspiration to curious teachers.

Contact us

For questions about our current services and how they can help you, please get in touch:

Centre for Education Innovation