How SPARK makes a difference

SPARK paper

Our researchers have a proven track record of delivering real benefits to society.

SPARK has had a collaborative approach since the very beginning. We developed the concept alongside a number of external partners, including Nesta, the Economic and Social Research Council, Cardiff Council, Welsh Government, the ONS and IBM.

Case studies

Our academics are keen to innovate for society and make a real impact with their work. These case studies highlight some of the positive effect our work is already having.

Teenager smoking

ASSIST: A stop smoking in schools trial

Our DECIPHer-ASSIST programme is effectively tackling smoking uptake in UK schools.


Conserving endangered species

Our data driven conservation strategies are saving the lives of orangutans, elephants and pandas.

Town hall sign

Does size matter in local government?

Exploring how local authorities deliver services and whether their size will be relevant in the future.

Policewoman in the community

Improving community policing

Pioneering research by the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) has made police more effective at understanding and responding to crime and disorder.

Photo taken by Flickr user epsos.

Improving control over illicit money flows and recovering the proceeds of crime

Research by Professor Mike Levi provides one of the first rigorous empirical analyses of the scale of financial crime.

Vulnerable woman sitting alone

Improving the response to victims of violence

Our research has contributed to significant changes in the services afforded to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Kangia - Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland

Prompting action on climate change

Research has revealed a 'governance trap' hindering action on climate change.

Two police officers

Reducing violent crime

We are reducing violence through research, new use of data and original collaborations between medicine and criminal justice.

School dinners

Reforming school food

Helping to visualise a healthier, more sustainable school food service.

People walking on Welsh hills

The real economic and environmental impact of tourism in Wales

New research helps us understand the true value of tourism in the country.