Your results

IELTS test results will be released to you 13 days after the test.

International students on a bench laughing

You'll receive a Test Report Form (TRF) showing your results in the post. The day you receive your results will depend on the postal service in your area.

If postal delivery isn't suitable, you'll need to email us to let us know. Please note that we can't give results over the telephone or by fax or email.

You can also check your results online at the British Council website for up to 40 days after your test date.

Your scores explained

In addition to previewing your provisional results you can also see a table with an explanation of your scores and general advice for improvement.

‘Your scores explained’ will be available to you for up to 40 days after your test date. After this time it will no longer be available.

You can share this feedback with your University, preparatory school or language teacher. However, you need to be aware that this only provides general guidance on how to improve your scores.

You can find out more about this service by filling out the enquiry form.

Additional copies

You can request additional copies of your test results which can be sent directly to institutions, organisations or employers. Please note we cannot send additional copies direct to you.

Before your test

We can send up to five copies. If you do this at the time of booking your test, there will be no extra charge. You'll just need to make a note of this on your test application form.

After your test

You can also request additional copies after you have taken your test for an administrative charge of £15 per copy. These copies can only be sent direct to institutions or organisations for up to two years after your test date.

To request additional copies, please complete an Application for the Issue of Additional TRF form, which you can request by emailing us.

Result validity and queries

The results are recommended as valid for two years.

If you are unhappy with your results, you can fill in and submit an Enquiry on Results form. You must do this within four weeks of receiving your results. The fee is £60. To request a form, please contact us.