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Structure of Year One


1. 40 + 40 + 40
The first year of a BA degree is structured so that normally students take 3 subjects, each of 40 credits.
In the case of Joint Honours students, they must normally enrol on a third subject (40 credits) in addition to the two Honours subjects for which they have already been accepted. In the case of single Honours students, they must normally enrol on a second and a third subject, each of 40 credits, in addition to their Honours subject. In some cases a particular second subject is required or strongly recommended by the school in question, and schools often advise Honours students which other year one subjects are particularly appropriate for their degree programme. Students may, of course, take both their additional subjects within the same subject area; many schools offer more than one first year subject.

Students on the following programmes are required to take 2 x 40 credits in their Honours subject:
BA English Language single Hons
BA English Language & Communication single Hons
BA History, History with Welsh History route only, single Hons
BA Journalism, Media & Cultural Criticism single Hons
BA Music single Hons
BA Welsh A route 2 single and Joint Hons.
Plus there are a number of programmes which recommend but do not require 40 + 40 credits.

2 60 + 60
The BA programmes listed below are structured 60 + 60. In some cases a subject can offer only 40 credits but the relevant Board of Studies is responsible for helping students on that programme enrol on a suitable additional 20 credit module.  
BA Joint Hons Japanese and French / German / Italian / Spanish
BA Joint Hons Maths and French / German / Music / Philosophy / Religious Studies / Welsh
BA Joint Hons Education and Welsh
BA Joint Hons Journalism, Media and Sociology
BA Joint Hons Sociology and Philosophy / Religious Studies / Welsh.

The BScEcon degree is flexible and not bound to any particular structure in year one. In addition to their Honours modules, for which they have already been accepted, students need to enrol on sufficient additional credits to bring their total up to 120. The list of degree programmes is given below with the number of credits for which students will already have been accepted indicated in brackets.
Single Honours
European Politics & International Relations (80)
* European Union Studies (120)
Modern History & Politics (100 ie 40 in Modern History and 60 in Politics)
Politics (60)
Joint Honours
* Economics & Politics (120 ie 60 in each subject)
History & Sociology (100 ie 40 in History and 60 in Sociology)
* Politics & Sociology (120 ie 60 in each subject).

There are only two BSc degree programmes in HUMSS, namely Archaeology and Conservation of Objects in Museums and Archaeology.  Each has its own programme structure, details of which can be found in SHARE’s school brochure.