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Personal Development

Bristol Online Surveys (BOS): An Introduction

2 hours

Bristol Online Surveys (BOS) is an easy-to-use service that enables users to develop, deploy and analyse surveys via the web. Widely used as a tool for research, gathering feedback and capturing management information, BOS sub-accounts are available free of charge to staff and postgraduate research students. This course will provide a practical introduction to the tool, leading participants through the life cycle of creating, launching and manipulating the results of a BOS survey. Through completion of an online module, participants will also receive advice and guidance in respect of their data protection obligations when using BOS.

To apply for a BOS account:

As BOS potentially enables users to collect large amounts of personal data, all new users are required to complete an online account request form which incorporates data protection guidance notes to read following the completion of the form you will be issued with an account. For further information about this form and to request please contact insrvEducation (