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Research Related Development

Critically Evaluating Papers in Health & Social Sciences

1 day

It is vital for researchers to be able to identify good quality research although a number of factors have made this increasingly difficult:

  • a rapid expansion of peer-reviewed academic publishing;
  • the sheer quantity of new research;
  • the need to make research findings stand out.

As a researcher, how can you evaluate the quality of the research you identify? This interactive workshop takes a practical approach, looking at the qualitative and quantitative research and introducing attendees to a range of validated tools and techniques.

By the end of the workshop you will

  • understand what is meant by critical appraisal and why it is necessary;
  • understand the different types of evidence (randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, observational research);
  • how to assess quantitative research papers for validity, reliability, and applicability;
  • describe statistical methods used in systematic reviews;
  • locate checklists and guides for critically appraising quantitative studies;
  • critically appraise a research study.

28 January 2014

09:30 - 16:30
Rumney Room, 11th Floor, 30 - 36 Newport Road

Provider: HUMRS
Target Audience: S